Split, Croatia

Split in Croatia should be the first destination to visit in Croatia

Split, the largest city in Dalmatia (Croatia) offers more the one could expect. From hilly hinterland, continental and island beaches, to many sights and culinary diversity. Split Croatia is one of the most successfull travel destinations in Croatia.

Read our reasons why Split is the #1 representative of Croatia and why would anyone consider Split as the holiday / vacation resort.

split croatia

Split – Destination you’ll experience with your heart

Riviera Split is one of the corners of the world where you will feel better than at home. The first inhabitant of Split was the Diocletian of Rome , who is said to be “special”. This “special” state of mind has been passed on for generations, so Split today also offers the “fifth element” that is experiencing it with the heart in addition to its beautiful architecture, rich history, sun and fascinating nature. Once you meet Split, you will never forget it and you will visit it on a regular basis.

split croatia

Split and its’ historical heritage

The city of Split is best known for its Diocletian’s Palace – it is the most preserved Roman building in the world under UNESCO protection. In her labyrinth you will feel like in the capital of the Roman Empire. One of the symbols of Split is also the belfry of St. Duje. The Golden Gate of the Diocletian’s Palace “preserves” the statue of Grgur Ninsky. Tug his thumb and want something – the legend says that your wish will be fulfilled.

Above Split is the hill Marjan. Popularly known as “lung spots” in their chest, many secrets are hidden. Here is also the gallery of the greatest Croatian artist, sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Do not forget to climb one of the sightseeing spots from which the view that takes your breath extends to Split and its surroundings.

split croatia

Split offers an insight to a traditional way of life

Stone houses and ethno-eco village in Stari Podstrana remind you of the traditional way of life of farmers on the Dalmatian stone. In addition to the church of St. Martin in Podstrana, Roman army chief Lucius Artorius Castus is believed to have been buried, which is considered to be the first English king of the Arthur. In addition to historical legends, Podstrana also offers you walks by nature and swimming on beautiful beaches.

In the vicinity of Split there are the remains of Salona, ​​the former center of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The nearby town of Klis was the “key of Dalmatia” in the 16th and 17th centuries, which brave warriors defended before the Turkish invasions – the cliché narrows. Further to the interior is the Sinj, the standing of the Alaskans, who were decisive in defending Dalmatia from the Turks. The memory of this fight has been preserved in the Knight’s game “Sinjski alki”, which UNESCO has placed on the list of world intangible heritage.

split croatia

Split is always lively

Split offers a rich offer of concerts, festivals and exhibitions that will satisfy even the most picky ones. You can feel the vibrant hustle and bustle of the city on the Pazar – the main town market. Continue with the absorption of the local atmosphere by walking along the Riviera, the central Split promenade.

Split and Podstrana with its numerous beaches seduce the swimmers to respond to the invitation of the Adriatic Sea. Split’s main town beach Bačvice will challenge you in the picigina competition – the autochthonous local sport of throwing balls and carelessly falling down the shallows.

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